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Create meaningful, memorable virtual experiences, that mimic in-person events and games for over a thousand participants with our fully scalable REMOTEEXPO solution!

Pricing for REMOTEEXPO is based on the size of the event (number of participants), the overall timing of the event (how many hours you want to plan for), and the level of customization requested.

Each event is unique and we will work with you to determine the specific pricing for your event. In order to gauge the overall budget of your REMOTEEXPO, follow these 3 easy steps:
1. Decide The Number of Rooms
REMOTEEXPO pricing is based on the size of the event and how many Game Rooms are required 
All REMOTEEXPO events are 60 minutes in length. Additional time can be added at extra cost
2. Choose Your Package
With three package levels to choose from, REMOTEEXPO is the perfect online event solution that can be tailored to suit any budget!
Round 1 Group.png

* Up to 5 custom questions can be added to your event content in a PRO Package; and 10 for a PREMIUM Package.

Additional questions and/or “Questions ONLY” Customizations can be purchased without full package upgrade.

✔︎ 5 questions = ¥15,000    ✔︎ 10 questions = ¥25,000

3. Make It Your Own
Since every REMOTEEXPO is unique, and the goals of each group are different, the exact pricing can vary somewhat from event to event. If you want to know exactly what your event will cost, we recommend reaching out to us today to get a specific quote for your team!
With 3 options to choose from, getting the ball rolling on your virtual event couldn't be easier!
Designing on Laptop
Option 1:
Design Your Event

Already know what you're looking for? That's great! 

You can use this simple form to get your event design underway. This is the fastest way to start planning for your REMOTEEXPO

Working with Laptop
Option 2:
Email For A Quote

Not 100% sure about the REMOTEEXPO process or which package is right for you? No Worries.


Drop us an email and we can put together a plan specific to your group's unique goals. We'll deliver it right to your inbox!

Smart Phone Call
Option 3:
Schedule A Call

Want to discuss the details of your REMOTEEXPO over the phone? We're cool with that too! 


Click the button below to schedule a call and one of our sales reps we reach out at whatever time works for you!

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