Remote Team Building


The future of work is changing...

The experts at The Super Fantastic Company  can help you adapt to this change. Let us unify your team with The Go Game's Remote Team Building platform.

What is RTB?


A Video Conferencing Game

These days, more & more companies are taking on a larger remote work force. Team building solutions need to adapt to & accommodate this new reality. This is the future of work. The Remote Team Building platform combines 

our unique brand of fun within a slick video conferencing 

interface & a hilarious host to bring your remote teammates into the fold. Even if you only have a few workers offsite, this ensures that everyone feels like they are part of the squad & engaged.

The Right Formula For Your Team!

Building strong connections among remote team members is a challenge of our modern reality. To keep up morale, you need innovative solutions with reliable results.  Zoom Meetings can only get you so far – but never fear, because The Super Fantastic Company is here! 

Remote Teams + TSFC Remote Team Building = AWESOME!

Remote Employees
Perfect Timing
Live Gameshow Hosts
Live Hosted Game
Celebrate with your team
Everyone's A Hero
The Remote Team Building Platform

What Others Have To Say...

"Our team's game today was awesome! This was the most effective & fun remote team building remote team building experience I have seen!"

- Elizabeth Cooper, Google

"I learned a lot about my teammates & had a great time!"

- Oracle

"Fun, interactive way to build teams!"

- Suzette, Office Ninjas

The RTB Process...

Create A Remote Team Culture

At a lower price point than our live games & with less time requirement, you can offer these remote team-building activities more frequently throughout the year. This leads to greater team cohesion & an overall sense of inclusiveness within your group. Increased connectivity helps build up a team culture within the new paradigm of the "work-from-home" era.

Everyone Shines
Since everyone is online and visible in an RTB game, nobody can tune out on social media. The Scribe feature changes from mission to mission to ensure inclusiveness & keeps all the players on their toes. 

Larger Audience
Typically, on a traditional team-building outing, many moments will only be shared among 4-5 people on a team. However, with Remote Team Building, everyone is present for the whole game, leaving lasting memories on everyone’s mind.

About The Game Itself

Games take about 1 hour to play & participants are guided through a variety of game types to keep the energy moving. This format also provides an opportunity for everyone to get involved.


Game types include:​

  • Buzz In Pub Trivia

  • Giphy Challenge

  • Pictionary Drawing

  • Head-to-Head Social Games

  • Lipdub

  • Fun Fact Match 

  • Categories

  • Live Polling & Voting

Throughout the game your charismatic & entertaining host will guide you through the various game rounds, DJ the music, point out highlights & provide fun, topical commentary. The results are both hilarious & engaging. We are sure that your team will be smiling from ear-to-ear!

How It Works

No Downloads Or Installation Needed 

The game is played on any modern Internet browser, so there's no need to download or install any special software.  The players are divided up into 3 teams at the outset & each challenge is timed to keep a good pace. Your Super Fantastic host will guide you through the whole game & keep you entertained throughout!  


All you need is your computer, a good Internet connection, a webcam & some headphones! 


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“You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation.”