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The Go Game sits at the intersection of technology, exploration and creativity. Powered by robust mobile technology and skilled game producers, you and your team will discover the magic of your real-world surroundings and the creative potential that resides within you all.

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Classic Game

The Classic sends groups on a high-tech urban adventure that is part scavenger hunt, with a dash of talent show & a sprinkling of  funniest home videos!

Imagine The Amazing Race, meets The X-Factor meets Trivial Pursuit. Creative photo & video missions get everyone on your team involved & result in a hilarious ending presentation starring your friends and co-workers!


5 -10,000 players.  Teams of 4-10 people


2-4 hours


Outdoors or Indoors




We understand that...

team building can sometimes feel like a forced activity that makes people roll their eyes and wish they’d skipped out to play golf. After 10 years and over 10,000 games run, we've refined the art of engaging engineers, marketing teams, lawyers and everybody in between, turning them into The Go Game enthusiasts.

Playing The Go Game with your co-workers will be the best thing you ever do as a team. Bring us your over-competitive salesperson, your skeptical product manager and stressed-out director. The Go Game will braid you all into a friendship bracelet of professional effectiveness that will be the envy of your professional peers.

Ian Fraser : The Go Game Co-Founder, USA

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“You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation.”