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  • Create Team Culture & Increase Employee Engagement!

  • Encourage Group Interaction, Connection & Communication!

  • Ideal for Virtual Team Building & New Employee Onboarding!

  • 100% COVID-Safe & Adapted to the "New Normal"!

  • Deliver Positivity, Fun & A Sense of Belonging

  • Engage Participants From All Over The World

  • Create a More Comfortable, Successful & Effective Workplace!



Teams That Play Together, Stay Together.

Remote EXPO team building platform
Let's Play!

Virtual team building and team culture are more important now than ever before. We need to innovate and allow culture to grow within the remote workplace, but it must be done in a natural manner that does't seem coerced or contrived.

The team building experts at The Super Fantastic Company can help you adapt to this change. Our REMOTEEXPO platform was built from the ground up, with fun, interactivity and connection in mind. The architects of REMOTEEXPO have over 20 years' experience creating amazing and engaging team building events. They applied that knowledge to the creation and design of the REMOTEEXPO platform, so the functions and features are the best in the business. Our remote team building activities are designed to engage audiences no matter where they are located.  Let us unify your team with REMOTEEXPO.

Whether you’re looking for an online activity to bring the energy up, or wind down after a big week –REMOTEEXPO is a super fantastic way to keep your remote team motivated, engaged and connected.

This Isn't Your Typical Zoom Meeting...

Here are just a few of the features that set us apart.

Similing Team
Event Design Specialists
Girl with Yellow Sweater
Live Professional Hosts
Super Hero Costumes
Everyone's A Hero
Customize Game Content
Virtual Gamshow
Collaborative Drawing
The RemoteEXPO
Creativity Fun
Working from Home
Virtual Team Building
Working at Home
Confetti Party
Team building in Tokyo
Meeting Mode
The Go Game Live Game Show
Seasonal Themes
Working together to solve the mission
Friendly Competitiion
Remote Team Member
Fun Fun Fun
Remote Working
The Remote Team Building Virtual Gameshow
The Classic Game in Tokyo
Fun Fact Match
Group of Students Working Together
Pictionary Missions
Creative Missions

Great things in business are never done by just one person; 

They are accomplished by a team of people;

Nurture your team.

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“You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation.” 


The Classic Game in Tokyo

Working out the problems as a team